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Need To Modify Child Support Due to A Layoff or Reduction in Salary?


According to federal statistics there were 237,902 workers laid off during the month of February. We are living in tough economic times and along with mass layoffs, unemployment benefit claims or on the rise.

If you pay child support and are the victim of a salary reduction or layoff you may no longer be able to pay the same amount in child support since the amount you are now paying was calculated on your previous income.

What do you do if you are laid off or take a reduction in salary? The first thing you do is take legal action to protect yourself. Hire an attorney and file for a modification of child support from the courts.

To protect yourself in the long-term you need that court ordered, downward modification in child support. If you find yourself unable to make an entire payment or a payment at all and fall behind, when you do get a modification it will not apply to the past due child support you owe.

To keep yourself from falling behind, contact an attorney and get the ball rolling as on a downward modification as soon as possible. If you can’t afford an attorney call your local court clerk and ask what steps you need to take to file for a modification as a Pro Se litigant.

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