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Tips for Dealing With Loss and Loneliness After Divorce

By August 22, 2009

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Loneliness after divorce, if youíve been through a divorce youíve felt that loneliness. Some deal with loneliness after divorce better than others. If you are someone having a hard time with loneliness this article is for you.

Iíve been divorced for 10 years. During those 10 years Iíve been busy building a career and raising two boys. All things that kept me from feeling lonely.

When you are focused on building a career and earning enough money to make ends meet you donít have much time to think about how alone you are.

Having children around helps cushion the depth of any loneliness I felt. My boys were great company! With my work and them my life seemed complete. Lonely was not something I felt often.

Things have changed for me recently though and Iím more aware of the fact that Iím alone and those feelings of loneliness creep in at times.

My career is flourishing and both my boys are out on their own and Iím left, for the first time to deal with me, myself and I.

When you go through a divorce and lose the company and support of a spouse or, in my case finally settle down alone after years of focusing on career and children, you may feel the loss sharply. What can you do deal with the loss and loneliness you feel as aÖread more

August 27, 2009 at 8:41 am
(1) Elizabeth says:

Nice tips Cathy to deal with lonliness after divorce. I came across a novel called Lucky Everyday by Bapsy Jain. It’s about one womanís struggle toward enlightenment. Forced to flee Bombay when her wealthy and charming husband divorces her and squashes her career, Lucky Boyce feels defeated and desperate for respite. Fortunately, old friends welcome her to New York where life begins with promise. Determined and trying to make a difference, she volunteers to teach yoga to prison inmates to fight with her lonliness. But with her confidence in question and love starting to surface, a series of bizarre events.

November 30, 2009 at 6:37 pm
(2) Lake says:

I looking for help. I lice in CT after a grueling divorce overseas. The olny wY to get away from my abusive exwas to leave my children. I fought for over 4 years for them and finally I decided to leave them w their Dad. It is so hard for me. The guilt, the loss, the sadnessis really unbearable at times. I am happy for one thing and that is I am in a nursing program. I look forwRd to working in a yr. But the damage is so deep. I
look for the positiveand I oftensay to myself, “Jesus” help me. Any other sayings I can say to myself when I can’t fight the sadness? Thank you!

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