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What is Parental Alienation?

By March 13, 2011

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Parental Alienation Syndrome is the deliberate attempt by one parent to distance his/her children from the other parent. The motivation is to destroy the parental bond between his/her children with the other parent. The alienation process develops over time and some of the symptoms of the syndrome include some or all of the following:

  • A parent will speak badly of or criticize the other parent directly to the child or children. Negative statements about the other parent may be direct or indirect. For instance, the parent may say, "We can't afford a new dress for the school dance because your father/mother decided to spend the money on vacation with their new friend." A more direct comment would be, "your father/mother left because he/she didn't care enough about you to try and make the marriage work." Either statement is meant to cause the child to feel anger toward the other parent. It is an attempt to use the child to get back at the other parent for causing emotional pain.
  • A parent will speak badly of the other parent within the hearing range of the child or children. There are parents who say they would never say anything negative to their child or children about the other parent. They don't seem to have any problem saying negative things to other people though and if their child or children happen to be within hearing distance...post continued
March 16, 2011 at 12:11 pm
(1) winyourdivorce says:

Anger toward his/her divorce partner is normal to a who hurt badly after the divorce, or maybe to someone who experienced abusive behavior of ones partner. However, despite of this big anger we have we should manage to hold it for our children. Destroying ones personality and morality wont help you to achieve what you wanted to happen after they learned about the truth. This will only create distance between you and your children.

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March 23, 2011 at 12:22 am
(2) Virginia Divorce Lawyers says:

Parental alienation is a social dynamic, generally occurring due to divorce or separation, when a child expresses unjustified hatred or unreasonably strong dislike of one parent, making access by the rejected parent difficult or impossible. Parental alienation varies in the degree of severity, as seen in the behaviors and attitudes of both the parents and the children. The severity can be of such little consequence as a parent occasionally calling the other parent a derogatory name; or it could be as overwhelming as the parent’s campaign of consciously destroying the children’s relationship with the other parent.
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April 1, 2011 at 3:20 pm
(3) Sassy says:

There is a fine line especially when we are in the thick of it all. In my case, not that this is meant as an excuse for my behavior, the other parent when he left basically abandoned the family and his child to pursue his new and excting life. He has yet to abide by any court orders as far as child support, visitation, medical expenses much less be responsible for his child’s insurance policy which he is court ordered to be. It has been a constant struggle and one I am quite tired of. I do my best not to speak ill of the other parent but when you are a struggling single mother battling an auto immune disease, you unfortantely cross that line! Especially since this parent not only had the money to buy an engagement ring but paid for a wedding in mid-March!

It is a VERY fine line and a struggle not to cross it!

June 22, 2011 at 1:58 pm
(4) karen says:

Please can anyone help? My ex-husband of 18 months is a very bitter man since our divorce, as I divorced him for adultery and unreasonable behaviour (domestic abuse) he is still with the woman he was having an affair, but that’s besides the point. He sees our child every other weekend.
Our child is learning about name calling at school, and a few months ago, she surprised me when she said ‘why does daddy call you ‘stinky’? He also calls you (a name for the female sexual organs, I wont put it in here). WHenever I try to make contact, he replies with such nastiness, I dont have any contact with him, but sometimes I simply have to. Like arranging which weeks holiday he was having her – he ‘demanded’ a week where he knew I was taking her on holiday. When I suggested an alternative he replied with such venom, and name calling, which was exactly like he was when we were married! Sticks and stones and all that, I have sat our child down and suggested that she say to daddy that she is learning about name calling at school and she doesn’t like him calling mummy names but she says that she is afraid to in case he shouts (which he would!). And she also doesn’t like it that he always compares me to his girlfriend to her, using bad names about me and beautiful names for her, encouraging her to get in to bed with them both for family cuddles etc. What is going on here? Is this what is meant by parental alienation? What can I do that I’m not already doing?

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