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Cathy Meyer

Passive Aggressive Behavior In Marriage

By May 29, 2012

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There is a reason Passive Aggressive behavior is referred to as "crazy making behavior." If you've been in a relationship with a passive aggressive you fully understand how insanity producing it can be trying to maintain such a relationship.

The passive aggressive has an inability to express anger in a healthy manner. Their feelings may be so repressed that they don't even realize they are angry or feeling resentment toward a relationship partner. They may be sincerely troubled by your response to their actions which plays a huge role in you, the partner, questioning your own view of what is happening in the relationship.

Due to their own lack of insight into their feelings the passive aggressive often feels that others misunderstand them or, are holding them to unreasonable standards if they are confronted about their behavior. Passive aggressive behavior is a form of covert abuse that can damage and eventually destroy a relationship.

June 13, 2012 at 11:36 am
(1) Rick says:

Im having this issue and i cant stand it im a man use to getting any women i wanted in my past then met my wife we had lots of sex while dating got married and it slowed down a little it went from anytime anywhere to wait till we get home. Then we had a child and it went to just wait till the weekend. Now its gone she doesnt even make an effort to try anything i dont want to leave her cause i dont want my child to grow up without a daddy as i did. I dont know what to do my friends tell me to find another just for fun and not to leave her cause of the bd men have to go through so im lost cause now im losing desire for her and its only going to make matters worst. The sad part is women hold out on their husbands but when when single again theyll sleep around again wtf

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