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How to Know When Your Marriage is Over

By December 16, 2012

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I've written quite a few articles on marital problems that can lead to divorce but, marital problems can be worked through and marriages rebuilt. Whether or not you divorce, when push comes to shove, may not have anything to do with the problems in the marriage.

What then, determines whether or not your marriage will end in divorce?

Marital survival depends solely on both parties to be the marriage being willing to work on the marriage. If you are the only one in the marriage who wants to fix the marital problems then more than likely you will eventually divorce.

Does he yell, scream or curse when upset with you?

Is she having an affair and refusing to give up her affair partner?

Do you want sex twice a week but he only wants it twice a year?

Does she dismiss your feelings when you tell her you are unhappy in the marriage?

These are all symptoms of problems in the marriage. If you can both sit down, discuss the issue and agree to work together toward a solution your marriage has a chance. It takes two to save a marriage and if you find yourself alone trying to fix a problem you are spinning your wheels and will get nowhere fast. You need to know when to give up and move on.

January 17, 2013 at 7:01 pm
(1) tony says:

This article is very intriguing because I am in a bit confused situation and I’d like to know shall / should my marriage end in divorce or shall / should it continue. Indeed, marital survival depends on both parties and in my case, given continuous wife’s expressions of dissatisfaction with me and our relationship and due to my material dependency, through longer periods it has been me who was in fear of divorce and who had to be careful to have wife satisfied and tolerable. As a result we have a relationship without sex, in which my sex needs have nothing to do with her and her sex needs are not my issue any more, and we are living in separate households now, we only have contacts and we meet when needed by one or another. Which caused that I, still much attached to her, often feel rather lonely and must often be satisfied with mere on-line contacts with her. I wonder how much all this may be influenced by wife’s opinion that I am a gay. I am afraid my marriage will end in divorce.

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