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Can I Sue My Abusive Ex-Husband?


Question: Can I Sue My Abusive Ex-Husband?

I am recently divorced after being married for two decades to an abusive husband. The last instance of domestic abuse left me hospitalized for a month with a permanent disability. I’ve lost my job and have medical bills I need to pay.

Since I was not allowed to address these issues in during our divorce negotiations I was wondering if it is possible for someone like me to sue an abuser for damages in court?


Whether or not you have a right to sue your abuser depends on the laws of your state. You need to consult an attorney for a more definitive answer to your questions. I can tell you though that if you are injured by the actions of another person you should be able to seek damages in the form of money.

What you have suffered in akin to what someone in an auto accident or fall goes through. I feel sure an attorney will tell you that you can sue your ex-husband for money to cover your medical bills, lost wages from a lack of job due to your injuries and maybe even compensation for “pain and suffering.”

You may be able to find an attorney who will take your case on a contingency basis, meaning he/she will take payment from any award you win in court. This will only happen of course if you stand to receive a large amount of money due to the injuries suffered.

If you are talking about suing for a few thousand dollars you can consider Small Claims court for repayment of any lost monies. Small Claims court is less formal; you won’t need an attorney to represent you. You will need to check your states Small Claims laws to determine how much you can sue for.

In Alabama you can sue someone in Small Claims court for an amount up to $3,000. In the sate I reside in you can sue someone for up to $25,000 which is substantially more. Which route you take will depend on how much you feel you are entitled to based on your injuries and your financial and emotional suffering.

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