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Dismissing Feelings Through Lack of Communication


Dismissing Feelings Through Lack of Communication

Verbal abuse, the use of words to hurt can also be accomplished by refusing to communicate. When your spouse dismisses your feelings through a lack of communication you are being verbally abused.

Refusing to talk about or validate your feelings is just as abusive as using words to put you down or humiliate you. Your spouse may give you the silent treatment or belittle you for having certain feelings.

Doing so minimizes you and your feelings. When your feelings are minimized in such a way, you eventually learn to ignore your own feelings. You end up ignored by your spouse and yourself.

How do you know if your feelings are being dismissed?

  • As I said above, your spouse gives you the silent treatment. If you express feelings they are not happy with, they respond by not responding. You want to let someone know how little he/she means to you…give them the silent treatment.

  • Your spouse may acknowledge your feelings but do nothing to change the situation. He/she may be a great listener and communicator, but poor at taking the steps needed to solve marital problems. Your spouse appears to care by listening but shows how little he/she cares by not taking action.

  • Your spouse listens and then belittles you for feeling the way you do. Have you ever sat down, opened your heart to your spouse only to have him/her tell you, you are being silly? OUCH! You learn to hide your feelings. You feel insecure in the relationship and doubt your own feelings. You become the child; your spouse becomes the parent.

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