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Repressed Emotions Cause Physical Illness


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If you are living in an abusive relationship, you’ve learned to repress your emotions. Repressing emotions can cause physical illness. Stuffing your feelings can cause depression, chronic fatigue, cancer and many other serious illnesses.

Take depression as an example. If you are living in a situation where you don’t feel safe expressing your anger, that anger can turn into depression. I’ve often heard that depression is anger turned inward.

Keeping anger in is mentally toxic. Women and men experience depression in different ways. Most women turn their anger inward and suffer from depression. It is very common for a woman in an abusive relationship to suffer from bouts of depression.

Women are taught to not show anger. If in an abusive relationship, they have learned that expressing anger will get them hit or screamed at. Instead of focusing their anger on the person they are angry with, they make it about themselves and their inability to fix the situation or the other person.

Anger is a healthy emotion. Women need to learn to focus it in the right direction…the person they are angry with. So, you need to fix the situation that is causing your anger. If you are unable to hold your spouse responsible and express your anger freely then it may be time to remove yourself and leave the abusive marriage.

Living in an abusive marriage is stressful. The more stress we have in our lives the more likely we are to become physically ill. What better reason to “fix” the problems caused by an abusive marriage than relief of physical illness due to stress.

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