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Is Screaming and Yelling Verbal Abuse?


Screaming and yelling is verbal abuse

I recently received an email from a reader. Below is an excerpt from that email.

"My husband yells constantly. The least little thing sets him off. The other day I didn’t load the dishwasher the way he thought it should be. For 30 minutes, I had to listen to him yelling and cursing about how he is the only one here who knows how to do things the right way.

You should hear the things he screams at my son while coaching him in baseball. What I want to know is, is this bad for my son and me to have to listen to someone yelling and screaming all the time."

My response to the reader? YES! Her husband clearly has anger management issues and her and her son will suffer the consequences if she allows the behavior to continue. This is clearly a case of verbal abuse.

There are healthy ways to express anger and this reader’s husband needs to learn that he either communicate in a loving, respectful manner or not communicate at all. There are steps the reader can take to change the situation. If, however the husband does not change there are steps…divorce, which she can take to protect herself and her son from the negative consequences of her husband’s verbal abuse.

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