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Alternatives to Divorce

Depending on your situation and the feelings of you and your spouse, you may want to consider alternatives to divorce. Here you will find information on issues such as marriage counseling, living separately but remaining a family and annulment.

Civil Annulment
A Civil Annulment is the legal process a couple goes through to have their marriage declared null and void.

Obtain an Annulment Through The Catholic Church
The Catholic Church has established certain procedures that a couple must follow when petitioning for an annulment. Primarily, a civil court must divorce a couple before they can attain an annulment. Below are the steps one takes to have their previous marriage nullified

How To Behave During A Legal Separation
How you behave during a legal separation can determine what happens should you decide to divorce. So, take the high road and behave!

The Financial Benefits Of a Legal Separation Agreement
Living separately without a legal separation agreement does not protect your legal rights when it comes to splitting assets, child custody and visitation.

The "Non - Divorce" Divorce
Potentially big legal fees, health-insurance needs and the expense of separate households cause some couples to stay under one roof even when their marriages are all but dead.

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