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Can or Should Your Marriage be Saved?

Here you will find articles and information that will help you determine whether or not your marriage can or should be saved.

How Can I Stop My Divorce?
There is no legal way to stop a divorce. If a spouse is open to the idea you can stop your divorce via marital reconciliation.

Headed For Divorce, What Can I Do?
Below are specific guidelines to follow for those who wish to save their marriage.

Can a Marriage Founded on False Pretenses be Successful?
The importance of being authentic and open before marriage

Seven Lessons for a Stronger Marriage
Infidelity, conflict and every day stress is no reason to give up on your marriage. They can, in fact make your marriage stronger.

Do You Think About Divorce Constantly?
I want to be free!I think about divorce constantly. All I can think about is being free of the responsibility. Living on my own without all the worry my wife brings. Is this a phase or do I need to act on my feelings and start life over?

Can The Irreconcilable Differences in Your Marriage be Reconciled?
Since no-fault divorce laws couples have been able to divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable differences." One has to wonder though, how many of those differences can be reconciled and how many couples are throwing in the towel due to problems in the marriage that are not insurmountable.

How to Communicate With Your Spouse
What is communication and why is it important in a marriage? It takes skill to communicate properly and if you aren’t communicating properly you might as well be talking to a wall.

What do Marriage Counselors Do?
Marriage Counselors work with married couples to either help them handle marital discord or enhance the marital relationship. Marriage counselors are schooled in teaching couples conflict resolution skills and communication skills.

What Can I Do To Save My Marriage?
Just as it takes "two to tango," it also takes two to save a marriage. If you are having marital problems, saving your marriage will mean a commitment from both spouses.

Tips For Dealing With Financial Stress
It can be hard enough to keep a marriage together when times are good, let alone surviving something as stressful as financial hardship. Financial stress can lead to arguments, resentment, conflict and even divorce.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling
We may think we are doing all we can to solve the problems in a marriage but, a marriage counselor can be of great benefit in teaching us new ways of solving problems and getting our needs met.

Marital Problems That Often Lead to Divorce
Top 10 signs of an unhappy marriage. Is your marriage in trouble?

Does the Bad Outweigh the Good in Your Marriage?
Do you feel worse and worse about your marriage as time goes on? When the bad outweighs the good it is hard to hold onto hope that things will change.

Is Divorce the Solution for You and Your Spouse?
Seven Questions you should ask yourself before making the decision to divorce.

Do You Want a Divorce?
Do you want a divorce? The decision to divorce is critical, with consequences that can last a lifetime. Marital problems, pain in your relationship and frustration with it does not always mean divorce.

Finding Solutions to Marital Problems
I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about marital problems that lead to divorce. I’ve not, however given advice on how to find solutions to marital problems. You first step should always be to seek professional help by seeing a marriage counselor.

Do You Have a Healthy Marital Relationship With Your Spouse?
We’ve all been around couples who have a relationship that seems flawless. You know the couples I’m talking about, the ones with an obvious healthy marital relationship. They never argue, are able to work through conflict as it arises with ease. There is a constant show of affection, love and support for each other.

How to Find the Right Marriage Counselor
Are you wondering how to find the right marriage counselor? It is imperative that you and your spouse are compatible with the marriage counselor you choose.

Five Tips For Dealing With Marital Conflict
Not facing head on and dealing with marital conflict is like sealing the fate of what should be a lifelong commitment. We don’t think when we marry that we will be called on to step outside our level of comfort and engage in conflict BUT no marriage is conflict free and no marriage survives conflict avoidance.

How False Assumptions About Marriage Can Lead to Divorce
Are the false assumptions you have about marriage causing problems in your marriage?

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