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Cheating and Divorce

Infidelity is the number one reason for divorce today. Should infidelity always lead to divorce? Here you will find articles on how to proceed with divorce if you are unable to forgive. Also, you will find articles and support for healing and rebuilding trust after infidelity.

Infidelity Leads To Divorce
Infidelity leads to divorce and is probably the single most damaging thing that can happen to a marriage. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common problems a married couple will face. Statistics vary on this subject, but it's widely reported that 60% of men and 40% of women will participate in an extramarital affair at some point during...

Is John McCain Accepting Responsibility?
John McCain said that his greatest moral failure was the "failure of his first marriage." That was it, nothing more, no explanation of what caused his marriage to fail. No admissions of any responsibility, no truth or candor.

John McCain's First Wife
Was it a good wife and mother John McCain sought when he cheated on his first wife or a younger wealthier woman who better fit into the agenda he had for his life?

Sue For Alienation of Affections
Most states view aleniation of affection laws or the intrusion by a third party into a marriage as outdated or antiquated. According to some such laws are hard too hard to prosecute and cost taxpayers too much money.

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