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South Dakota Child Custody and Support Guidelines


South Dakota Child Custody and Support Guidelines:

The determination of child custody is based on the best interests of the child in respect to the child's temporal, mental, and moral welfare. If the child is of a sufficient age to form an intelligent preference, the court may consider that preference in determining custody. There is no preference towards either gender in determining custody, and fault is not considered relevant unless it relates to the fitness as a parent, such as domestic abuse or assault, or a conviction, excluding vehicular homicide, of a parent for the death of the other parent; [Based on South Dakota Domestic Relations Laws - Title 25 - Chapters: 25-4-45, 25-4-45.1, 25-4-45.5, 25-4-45.6]


Child support is based on the income shares model, meaning that the combined monthly net incomes of both parents shall be used in determining the obligation and divided proportionately between the parents based upon their respective net incomes. The non-custodial parents share determines the level of child support to be awarded, based on the number of children from the marriage. [Based on South Dakota Domestic Relations Laws - Title 25 - Chapter: 25-7-6.2]

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