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As A Father What Are My Rights And Responsibilities During And After Divorce?


Question: As A Father What Are My Rights And Responsibilities During And After Divorce?

From: James J. Gross

As a father, you have certain rights and responsibilities with respect to your children. You do not need a court order to obtain your rights as a father. You already have them. They are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the laws of your state. Until and unless a court rules otherwise, your rights as a father and as a parent include the right to:

  • Be an influence in your children’s lives, be involved, interact, and spend time with them;

  • Love and nurture your children without harassment from the other parent;

  • Decide where your children will live;

  • Participate in the parenting of your children;

  • See the school and medical records of your children;

  • Attend and participate in your children’s extra-curricular activities;

  • Have the custody, care and control of your children;

  • Select your children’s school and determine whether it will be home, public, or private;

  • Determine your children’s religious faith and practices;

  • Determine your children’s doctors, dentist, and medical treatment;

  • Follow your own beliefs and parenting style during your time with the children without interference from the other parent;

  • Guide and discipline your children; and,

  • Decide what is best for your children.

In addition to your rights, you also have certain duties, obligations and responsibilities, too. As a father and a parent, you have the responsibility to:

  • Support your children;

  • Provide them with food, shelter, and clothing;

  • See that they obtain appropriate medical treatment;

  • Provide access to their schooling;

  • Protect them from harm and neglect;

  • Foster their relationship with their other parent; and

  • Give them all the love, nurturing and encouragement you possibly can.

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