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Coping With Responsibilities and Problems That Arise During Divorce

Articles and information on dealing with emotional issues that come up during divorce.
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8 Keys to Emotional Harmony During Divorce
Emotional harmony through divorce will enable you to navigate the process more smoothly and move on to the next phase of your life with less baggage.

What You Can Learn About Yourself During Times of Adversity
What will you learn about yourself from the adversity that comes along with divorce?

The Impact of Divorce In The Workplace
Divorce or a breakdown of a co-habitation relationship is an extremely emotional process. While divorce is a personal matter the emotional impact can spill over into the workplace suddenly making it a public affair. There are so many unknowns about divorce that people are often confused, filled with fear and unsure of how to navigate the process.

Things You Should Never Do Before, During And After Divorce
This article is made up of a list of things a person should never do during a divorce.

Is Your High Conflict Divorce Causing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
The definition of post traumatic stress disorder been re-defined to include exposure to prolonged exposure to stressful events that cause extreme emotional distress. It only makes sense then that those involved in a high conflict divorce are also in danger of developing the symptoms of PTSD.

How to Overcome Divorce and Adversity
Divorce, whether you are choosing to divorce or have divorce thrust upon you is a time of adversity. How you view and handle adversity will determine how well you navigate your divorce. Some say it takes years to recover from a divorce. This doesn’t have to be true for you.

What Are Your Emotional Needs
Your make-up determines your emotional needs. It goes without saying that some folks are “needier” than others. The key to getting emotional needs met is the ability to identify your needs and figuring out how to get those needs met.

Divorce Support and Advice for Emotions During Divorce
Are you going through a divorce and looking for divorce support and advice? It is common during this time to feel a wide range of emotions. You will feel anger, regret, depression, loss and guilt. Add to all you are feeling the conflict that can accompany divorce process and you may be feeling overwhelmed and at your wits end.

How I Survived My Divorce
Readers share how the survived the divorce experience and share advice based on their experience.

How to Deal With Stress Generated by Divorce
Recognizing and dealing with stress of divorce is an important aspect to living a healthy productive life.

Is Divorce Bad For Your Health?
Yes, it would appear that divorce is be bad for your health. Any change in lifestyle can cause depression and anxiety along with physical ailments that are stress induced.

How to Keep Your Child From Becoming an Adult too Soon
Letting your child be a child; no matter what is going on in your life should be a top priority. Don't let the stress of a divorce steal their childhood.

A Healthy Diet Relieves Stress
Good nutrition is especially important during times of stress. When stress occurs good nutrition reinforces our resistance against the effects of stress.

Divorce Tips for Dads
I’ve learned enough about men and the over the last twelve years to be able to pass on tips for divorced dads that will help you, the husband and father navigate the divorce process and come out the other side unscathed.

Divorce is Like a Death in the Family
During Divorce you may be surprised by the long, arduous journey of emotions that you are experiencing, the seemingly insurmountable mountains and endless valleys.

Journal Away Divorce Stress
If you want to lessen the stress and emotional upheaval you are feeling during the divorce process pick up a journal and start putting pen to paper.

A Detailed Look At The Collaborative Divorce Coach
Collaborative Divorce Coaches are all licensed mental health professionals (for example, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists). Each Coach is experienced in the area of divorce and each Coach receives specialized training in Collaborative Divorce

Nine Tips ForTaking Care of Yourself During and After Divorce
Stress of Divorce – Self - Care During and After Divorce

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