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The Divorce Support Forum

Need divorce support and advice, join our divorce support forum.


The advice and support you find on the About.com Divorce Support Forum will become an important part of your journey through the divorce process. You will not only find support but relevant advice and information about divorce, coping with divorce and moving on after divorce.

Discussions on the Divorce Support Forum are broken down into categories. Each category relates to a subject of issue anyone going through or moving on after a divorce will need support and advice with.

The General Support Forum:

If you don’t find a category that you feel your question fits into, post it in the general forum. Wondering what will happen once the divorce process starts? Post your question in the general forum. Thinking about divorce but haven’t taken that first step? Post your question or concerns in the general forum.

The Adultery Support Forum:

This one needs no explanation. This forum is for people who are struggling with the betrayal of a spouse who has cheated or wondering if their spouse is cheating. If you need help surviving your spouse’s infidelity, post in the adultery forum.

Dating After Divorce Support Forum:

Dating after divorce is a daunting idea, especially if you were in a long-term marriage. You will find advice and support on the dating after divorce support forum about getting back into the dating game, dating rules after divorce, online dating and much more.

The Alimony/Spousal Support Forum:

Have an opinion about spousal support? Think you should have a right to spousal support? Share your thoughts and opinions and get advice and support in the alimony support forum.

The Midlife Crisis Support Forum:

Has your husband or wife gone off the deep end? Are you hearing things like “I love you but I’m not in love with you?” Then you may need to seek advice and support in our midlife crisis support forum.

These are just a few of the categories you will find on the About.com Divorce Support Forum. Need advice and support with something else? Below is a list of other categories I’m sure you will be able to participate in and find what you need.

Please join us and start a discussion, ask for advice or offer support on the About.com Divorce Support Forum.

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