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Equal Parenting

On this page, you will find articles and resources on the subject of Equal Parenting.

Child Custody: Making Shared Custody The Right Of Every Child
Dr. Linda Gottlieb discusses the importance of a child's right to equal parenting time after divorce.

Parental Alienation: When The “Best Interest of The Child” Fails
Author and therapist Linda Gottlieb discusses the the negative consequences of a flawed divorce court system on children.

How Important Are Single Fathers?
Children need their father in their life and they eat up every second that he can give. Because he does not live in their house anymore, does not mean he is not needed. Nothing compares to the time a child of divorce spends with a father.

Why Is Equal Pareting After Divorce Important?
Below are excerpts from a few studies that back up my belief that equal parenting after divorce is what is in our "children’s best interest."

Father Child Reunion: My Opinion
I’ve recently decided to create a category on the Divorce Support site dedicated to Equal Parenting, a subject that can’t be covered without first reading Father and Child Reunion.

Shared Parenting Myths
Shared parenting refers to a joint custody arrangement where both parents share approximately equal parenting time. However, it is an option that is still widely misunderstood, as evidenced in these shared parenting myths.

Shared Parenting Legislation
Shared parenting refers to joint physical custody, where both parents share approximately equal parenting time and are equally recognized by the law as the legal guardians of their children.

Father's Rights Organizations
An annotated, alphabetical list of organizations that advocate father's rights and shared parenting.

Father’s Rights and Child Abandonment Don’t Mix
How successful will the Father's Rights Movement be if they continue to associate with angry men who blame women for their problems?

American Coalition for Fathers and Children
The members of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children dedicate themselves to the creation of a family law system and public awareness which promotes equal rights for ALL parties affected by issues of the modern family.

Fathers Unite
Dedicated to restoring justice and equal rights to both parents during divorce.

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