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How to Get a Cheap Divorce


Divorce is a 28 million dollar industry. The average divorce cost between $15,000 and $30,000 and most of that goes to divorce attorneys. If you are anything like me, the last thing you want is to line the pockets of some divorce attorney. So, how do you get a cheap divorce?

How to Get a Cheap Divorce:

  • Hire a Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

    Instead of hiring a divorce attorney who requires a retainer and hourly feel hire a flat feel attorney. One who will charge you one fee for all work involved in the divorce process. Discuss the fee and what all the fee covers. Make sure that any communication; filing fees, correspondence with opposing counsel are included in the fee.

  • Negotiate Your on Divorce Settlement Agreement

    If you and your spouse capable of civil communication and come to an agreement on how to split marital assets, child custody and other issues, negotiating your own divorce settlement can save you thousands.

    Once you have agreed on who gets what the only expense you will have is paying an attorney to file the agreement with the courts. Something to keep in mind. If you have children, you are going to spend years negotiating with each other over issues with those children. Why learn the art of negotiating by negotiating your own divorce settlement agreement?

  • Choose Mediation

    Meditation during divorce is a way of finding solutions to issues such as child custody and spousal support. It is an alternative to the formal process of divorce court. During mediation, both parties to the divorce and their attorneys meet with a court appointed third party. This third party, the “mediator” assists the parties in negotiating a resolution to their divorce.

    Mediation not only cuts expenses, it shortens the divorce process and keeps you out of divorce court. If your divorce goes to court the process drags on and on due to requests for continuances and attorneys who make more the longer it takes for the divorce to become final.

The determining factor in whether or not your divorce ends up costing you the house is how mature you are when facing the process. People who can put their emotions on the backburner and leave conflict out of the divorce process will come out the other side with deeper pockets.

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