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Does Your Divorce Attorney Have Enough Experience?


Question: Does Your Divorce Attorney Have Enough Experience?

Selecting the right divorce attorney will be the most important decision you make once you decide to divorce. When choosing a divorce attorney their experience in the field of Family Law is your main criteria. Below are must haves when it comes to choosing a divorce attorney to represent you.

  • Your divorce attorney should have considerable experience handling divorces in your geographic area. You want an attorney who has a relationship with other local attorneys and knows the judges who preside over divorce cases in your area.

  • Your divorce attorney should practice primarily as a Family Law or Divorce Law attorney. Don’t hire an attorney whose expertise is in another area of law. You don’t want an attorney who dabbles in Family Law, you want a Family Law or Divorce Law expert.

The best way to gauge an attorney’s experience is to ask how many divorces they have handled. Especially how man cases they have handled that are similar to your case. Also, ask for references so you can get client testimonies.

When interviewing a divorce attorney expect him/her to answer specific questions and to be willing to share details and give examples regarding their experience. This way you can feel confident that your legal rights will be protected should you have to go to divorce court.

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