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Proof of Cheating Through Cell Phone Use


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Cells phones, a great thing for all of us. Especially those having an extra-marital affair. We can reach out and communicate with whomever we please, wherever we are. I, for one have become dependent on my cell phone and the ability to communicate when I feel the need.

Cell phones are not only great for those who like the idea of the convenience they are invaluable to those attempting to carry on an affair. Never has the ability to communicate with the other man/other woman been so easy.

There is a down side though. Never has it been so easy to track the communication between a spouse and the other man/other woman. If you suspect your spouse of having an affair your fist step should be to communicate your suspicions. If after discussing your fears with your spouse and you feel he/she has not be truthful check their cell phone.

Below are a few tips that will help find information from his/her cell phone if you suppect an affair:

  • Check the contacts list. Check for names you don’t recognize and don’t fit a pattern. For example if your spouse has the name Cathy in his cell phone and has her numbers for work, home and cell then Cathy is probably a business associate.

    On the other hand, if your spouse has the name John in her list of contacts with the only number being his cell phone number be concerned. Especially if John is not a name you are familiar with.

  • If you are lucky your spouse has not had the foresight to erase text messages. Check all incoming and outgoing text messages. If the messages are erased some cell phone providers keep track of text messages. You won’t be able to read what was said but you will be able to get a record of who he/she is texting and who is texting him/her. Look for text messages from names and numbers you are not familiar with.
  • There is always the cell phone bill. Cell phone bills will list all incoming and outgoing calls and messages. If you find the name Joe or Jane in the list of contacts and then find that Joe or Jane have been receiving numerous calls per day you can bet something fishy is going on between the two.

Does Your Spouse Have a Second Cell Phone?

If your spouse is smart he/she has more than likely acquired a second cell phone. Pre-paid cell phones are cheap and easy to purchase. If this is the case you won’t be able to obtain the information you need. I doubt seriously your spouse will bring a second cell phone into the home.

He/she may hide the second cell phone in the car though so be sure to check under seats and the glove box for a second phone. Also, if your spouse has contracted with a carrier for a new phone there will be a paper bill somewhere. Doesn’t your spouse have a post office box you don’t know about? Are there strange bills coming to the house? Do your research and never over-look the obvious.

What do you do if you find no proof of an affair after examining cell phone use? Don’t forget that there are other signs of an affair and if you are determined to prove your gut right, you will eventually get that proof.

Other Signs of Cheating:

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