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Infidelity Statistics


Infidelity statistics

Infidelity Statistics:

We do not know how honestly respondents are to questions about infidelity, so what we can learn from such statistics is limited. Keeping those limitations in mind, here are some infidelity statistics I came up with due to resent research on the subject.

Have you ever cheated:

  • Yes: 41%
  • No: 59%

Have you ever been cheated on:

  • Yes: 68%
  • No: 32%

Would you be unfaithful if you knew you wouldn't be caught:

  • Yes: 8%
  • No: 92%

Husbands who admit to cheating on their spouse:

  • 1 in 20 or 5%

Wives who admit to cheating on their spouse:

  • 1 in 22 or 4.55%

Number of men who take off their rings when they go out without the spouse:

  • 1 out of every 3

Percentage of cheating men who are caught:

  • 80%

Percentage of marriages that stay together after infidelity:

  • 64%

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