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Eight Reasons Men Cheat


Men cheat on their wives for many different reasons. Below is a list I’ve come up with that will help explain, to some extent why men cheat.

  • They are addicted to sex.

  • Low self-esteem and the need of attention from other women.

  • Some men cheat for the sake of cheating. It is a game to them and one they figure they might as well play as long as they can get away with it.

  • Some men need to feel that “in love” feeling. Once the marriage becomes comfortable they go looking for the excitement of new love and lust.

  • They grew up watching their fathers cheat and have an ingrained belief that cheating is just something men do.

  • They cheat when their marriages are in trouble. If they aren’t getting what they want and need from their wife they find someone to take over her role. Cheating is so much easier than dealing with the problems in their marriages but that is no excuse!

  • Some men cheat to punish their wives. What better way to hurt someone who has hurt you than to replace them intimately?

  • Believe it or not, some men cheat accidentally. They don’t go out looking for an affair but get caught up in the moment and before they know it they are in over their heads.

I’m sure the list of reasons men cheat is as long as my arm. The only way to know why a man has cheated is to get into his mind and that is impossible. Many out there, more than likely, do not understand their own motives for cheating. Whatever the reason the consequences of an affair are always negative and the harm it does to a marriage can be irreparable.

If your husband has cheated it is my opinion that the reason "why" is not important. Trying to rationalize and understand "why" won't lessen the pain of his affair and will keep you stuck in your own pain and confusion. Know this, what ever his reason for cheating you are not responsible. His bad behavior is about him, not about something you did or didn't do to or for him. Your main concern once you find out about the affair is to determine whether or not your marriage can survive the infidelity.

At times, my readers provide me with great insight into human behavior. If you are a man who has cheated and feel my list lacking, drop me an email. Especially if you can provide more reasons to add to my list.

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