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Is Divorce The Only Solution for Your Marital Problems?


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Question: Is Divorce The Only Solution for Your Marital Problems?
More divorces are filed during the month of January than any other other month of the year. It makes sense if you've been having marital problems. Think about it, you've just spent time during the Christmas Holidays with a spouse you aren't very fond of. On top of that, if there is financial stress causing marital problems, money spent during the holidays only exacerbates the stress. Is it any wonder many spouses make the decision to begin the New Year by leaving behind a bad marriage and the stress that comes with living in such a marriage?

Do you want a divorce? The decision to divorce is critical, with consequences that can last a lifetime. Marital problems, pain in your relationship and frustration with it does not always mean divorce.

I’m not a fan of Dr. Phil but I do agree with his statement that, “one should work their way out of a marriage.” Before you file for a divorce check out the links below and make sure you’ve put in the work needed to save your marriage.

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  • Finding Solutions to Marital Problems

    Every marriage relationship is unique, but there are common warning signs and red flags that indicate problems in the marriage. The challenge is to figure out if the problems in your marriage are just a part of the ups and downs of marriage. Or, are they an indication that it is time to divorce.

    Below are links to articles about marital problems that lead to divorce. Only you can make the decision whether the solution to the problems in your marriage is divorce.

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    If, after marital counseling and much thought you feel divorce is the solution to the problems in your marriage you need to start thinking about the legal process of divorce. Hiring an attorney and filing for divorce will be your first step.

    Once that is done it is imperative that you become an active role in protecting your legal divorce rights. Attorneys make mistakes, mistakes you could pay for, for years to come. I urge you to be pro-active by learning your state’s divorce laws, how marital assets are split and whatever else you need to know to get through the divorce process unscathed.

    Below are links that will be helpful to you before and during the divorce process.

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