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Marital Problems


It is almost impossible to define the exact family problems or issues that lead to divorce. Causes for divorce change with age, demographics, whether you were married before, your economic status, any personal attitudes you bring to the marriage, money issues and abusive behaviors. On this page, you will find resources that will help you understand and deal with family issues that often lead to divorce.
  1. Marriage Stressors
  2. Sexual Problems in Marriage
  3. Domestic Abuse
  4. Infidelity
  1. The Passive Aggressive Spouse
  2. The Midlife Crisis Spouse
  3. Is Divorce The Solution?

Marriage Stressors

Conflict in marriage is to be expected, it is normal and even necessary for building a healthy marriage. Couples can handle marital conflict in ways that escalate the conflict or in ways that successfully address them. It is important to learn that when you marry you do not become one mind and should not expect to be in total agreement all the time.

Sexual Problems in Marriage

Whether it is erectile dysfunction, differing libidos or loss of attraction for a spouse, most marriages are touched at one time or another by such sexual issues. Marital intimacy bonds a couple together, keeps the emotional connection between them strong. For this reason the one thing couples should not be doing without is sex. If you and your spouse are experiencing problems with intimacy in your marriage this page has articles and resources that will help you understand and work through those issues.

Domestic Abuse

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Domestic violence is usually very overt and easy to recognize. Sometimes though, abuse is covert and we may not even realize we are in an abusive relationship. Here you will find help in understanding abuse and identifying whether or not you are in an abusive relationship.


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When infidelity enters a marriage, the consequences are devastating. The basic foundation of marriage is trust. Once that trust is destroyed, it is hard to regain. On this page, you will find resources about infidelity, why it happens, how to respond to it and deal with the effects of it.

The Passive Aggressive Spouse

The passive aggressive spouse

The passive aggressive spouse does not fully engage in the marital relationship. They are obstructionists who make it impossible to work through and find solutions to marital problems. Here you will find articles and advice to help you understand your PA spouse's behaviors.

The Midlife Crisis Spouse

The midlife crisis spouse

Midlife crisis is a transition that might cause your spouse to take stock in where they are in life and make some "needed" adjustments to the way they live their life. Most seem to come through the process smoothly without making major life changes. Some, however will allow this time of transition to destroy their marriage and family.

Is Divorce The Solution?

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It is difficult to make the decision to divorce. It is difficult to know that divorce is the right decision for you, your spouse and all involved. All marriages go through times of trouble. What you do and how you react to the problems will greatly determine whether your marriage ends or survives. On this page you will find resources about some of the more common problems in a marriage.

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