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Is Your Spouse Hiding Computer Activity?


Question: Is Your Spouse Hiding Computer Activity?
Answer: Some spouses engage in online affairs. Some use the computer excessively when having a physical affair. If your spouse is spending excessive amounts of time on the computer they could be engaged in an online affair or they are using the computer to stay in contact with their physical affair partner. Below are some signs that point unhealthy computer use:
  • Spending Large Quantities Of Time Online:

    It isn’t unusual to spend a lot of time online these days. Most people have computers and on top of being entertaining, they give us the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and relatives. We can pay or bills, do work from home that we didn’t get done at the office and many other useful things. Computers are also a wonderful way to email, chat with and stay in touch with an affair partner. So, if your spouse has begun to spend more time than usual on the computer it could be a sign that he/she is up to no good.

  • Hiding Computer Activity:

    Does your spouse minimize the screen when you enter the room? Is he/she refusing to share passwords with you? If so, you need to ask yourself what he/she is hiding. Unless your spouse does work on the computer and has a need to keep secret, passwords related to business issues there should be a willingness to share any online activity. If they are unwilling to share with you their online activities, you need to ask yourself and him/her why.

  • Clearing Internet History:

    Pay attention to whether or not your spouse clears the Internet history after each time he/she uses computer. It is normal to clear Internet history, we all do this periodically. If it is habitual and done by your spouse every time they use the computer it is probably a sign of them trying to hide something.

  • Becomes Defensive When Confronted About Internet Use:

    A compulsive need to be online and a defensive attitude when questioned about it is a sign of trouble. Whether they have become involved in an affair, addicted to computer games or, are using the Internet to keep from engaging with you, you need to know what is going on.

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