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Five Challenges Divorced, Single Moms Face


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If you are a divorced, single mom, you’ve had to heal from the pain of your divorce plus take on the responsibility of doing the majority of the childcare. You also have to put food on the table and a roof over the family’s head. On top of those things, you naturally want to date and hopefully enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Those are the five most common challenges facing divorced, single moms today. As with any other life challenge you meet them head on and don’t let the dust settle under your feet. Doing that is easier with support and advice so, I’ve put together a few articles that will help you meet those daily challenges and move past your divorce and onto a rich, rewarding new life.

Healing the Pain of Divorce:

Part of moving on to a new life is healing the pain left from the old one. Staying stuck in old pain limits one's possibilities. The links below lead you to articles and information that will guide you along on your path to healing.

Parenting After Divorce:

Parents who are divorced have a difficult time, but one of their major concerns is how to lead their children through the process divorce in a healthy way so that they feel loved, nurtured, and protected. The links below are to articles that will help you, as a single mother, help your child during and after the divorce process. The healthier the divorce process is for your child, the easier that child will be to parent after divorce.

Food on the Table and a Roof Over Your Head:

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average woman’s family income drops by 37% after divorce. In other words, women suffer more financially than men do from divorce. If you are a woman thinking about divorce I suggest you do some serious financial planning before filing. If you are a woman already divorced, I have some suggestions that will hopefully help you survive the loss of income and get your finances in order.

Dating as a Single, Divorced Mom:

Divorce can leave you reeling, but when you start to pick up the pieces of your life and decide to move back into dating, it can feel a bit strange. If you were married for a long time, you may even feel too intimidated to try dating again. Have no fear, I’m hear with the advice you need to transition for wife to seasoned dater.

Sex and the Single, Divorced Mom:

There is nothing like a troubled marriage and the stress of divorce to get a person off their game…sexually speaking. Below you will find articles, tips and advice to help you get back in the game with a new sexual partner.

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