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Crazy, Illogical Core Beliefs That Feed The Drama of Divorce
Core beliefs, especially if they are skewed and illogical can play a role in keeping us stuck in the drama of a high conflict divorce.

Six Reasons Women are Happier After Divorce
Men and women have different ways of coping with trauma. Women's emotional coping skills help them move on and be happier after divorce.

Tips To Help You Move On After Divorce
When you are in the middle of the divorce process, it can be hard to imagine a life after divorce. Especially a full and rewarding life. Unbelievably you will get past all the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce and things will eventually get better. As hard as it is to look forward with hope during the divorce process, doing so...

The Negative Consequences of Blame During and After Divorce
What is the pay-off of blaming a spouse during divorce? What are the negative consequences to you and your ability to adjust to life after divorce?

How to Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

To rebuild your life after a divorce you may have to find a new home, build new friendships, start a new career or learn to live life as a single parent. How successful you are will depend on how well you were able to deal with the stress generated by your divorce.

Why You Are Unable to Move On After Divorce
Are you angry, blaming your ex for your divorce? Could it be that neither one of you are responsible for the divorce?

Divorce: Get Even or Get Over It?
How well you do after divorce depends on whether you focus on getting over it or getting even with your ex.

6 Reasons to Remarry After Divorce
Are you thinking about remarrying? If so, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons.

Rebuild Your Life After Divorce
Three skills that will help you rebuild your life after a divorce.

A Formula For Getting Back To Great!
Divorce is one of those life events that forces huge changes in your life whether you like it or not. Moving on after divorce, no matter how strong a person you are, is challenging.

Supporting Yourself After Divorce
Women suffer more financially than men do from divorce. If you are going through a divorce one of your main priorities should be figuring out how you will support yourself post divorce.

Tips For Returning To The Job Force After A Divorce
A divorce can bring about a drastic change in your financial situation. You may find you need to get a job, after being a stay-at-home parent for some time.

Budget Your Money After Divorce
Chances are divorce left your budget a little lop-sided, with much less monthly income to use in your current lifestyle. Now is the time to re-evaluate your budget, not months later when you’ve gotten deeper into debt and your credit has been ruined.

Congratulations-You Are Now a Guy/Girl!
A Guy/Girl is a woman who needs to take on the responsibilities of both a woman and a man in the same day, in the same body, in the same household.

"Player Mom"
So, what's a "Player Mom?" Simply, a divorced mother who wants to feel like a girl again and HAVE FUN! Look, given the choice I’d rather be boppin’ to the Beastie Boys than bakin' Babka any day.

Your Underwear Drawer Needs To Move On, So You Can Too
When was the last time you took a good look at your life from the perspective of your undergarments and lingerie? It's amazing how many items in there are tied to your life before divorce and need to go.

Debbie Nigro Bio
Nigro is a multi-faceted, business and broadcasting entrepreneur who has spent the past twenty years applying her creative talents building unique business opportunities, spotting trends and untapped niche markets, and providing successful programming concepts for both her own radio and television productions and her clients.

Work From Home After Divorce
What is the one thing most of us divorced folks have in common after the divorce is final? A need to pad our bank accounts! Divorce is money intensive and you either need to replenish what was spent or start earning your own money for the first time in years. Working from home after your divorce is an option many are choosing. Whether you are on...

Move on and Rebuild Your Life After Divorce
To “move on” after divorce you need to be open to new experiences, new ways of looking at things and new relationships.

Making the Most out of Life After Divorce
Life after divorce can be as difficult as the divorce process itself. You have suffered a major loss and the healing process will continue, for some well after the ink is dry on your divorce settlement agreement.

Gray Divorce: Don’t Let Divorce After 50 Keep You Stuck
Follow these tips to help you get unstuck from a late-life divorce.

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