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Tips For Blended Families


If you remarry someone with children, you of course want the transition into the new relationship and marriage to be easy. Below are a few tips to help you transition into a blended family. Read them and commit yourself to using them in your new blended family.

For The Biological Parent:

  • Create family structure.

  • Establish clear boundaries and consequences to crossing those boundaries.

  • Allow your children to have some control and give input regarding those boundaries.

  • Be a positive role model to your children.

  • Don’t stifle your children. Allow them to express their feelings and concerns over the newly blended family.

  • Make sure you have alone time with your spouse.

  • Plan activities that the family as a whole can participate in.

For the Stepparent:

  • Focus on positive the positive aspects of each child’s personality. Only focusing on the negative breeds contempt and there is no room in the step-parent relationship for contempt.

  • Support the biological parent when it comes to discipline.

  • Act as a guide or friend to your step-child. Do not try to become his/her parent.

  • Be prepared for it to take time for your stepchild to bond with you.

  • Never use unkind words, only positive communication and affirmations are acceptable.

  • Don’t get discouraged. Don’t expect an instant bond and try to learn the virtue of patience.

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