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Step-By-Step Advice For Those Thinking About Divorce


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Navigating The Divorce Discovery Process

After the original petition for divorce is filed and before you go to court, you will have to make your way through the discovery process. Please understand that discovery only takes place if the divorce is being contested or you and your spouse are unable to come to a meeting of the mind during settlement negotiations. I’ve written an article explaining the step-by-step process of discovery. In that article you will find an indepth explanation of what is expected of you and your attorney.

I would like add here that if you have been unable to treat each other with respect and honesty there is no better time to begin than during the discovery process. This is the phase of your divorce that will cost you the most financially and emotionally. So, to save money and the stress generated by a long drawn out battle show all the integrity you can during this phase of the divorce process.

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