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Building Trust Through Marital Communication


Trust and marital communication

Do you keep things from your spouse, not communicate for fear of being rejected or dismissed? You can’t bond appropriately with your spouse if you are not willing to open up and allow them to know you, to get close to you and who you are. Trust comes from allowing your spouse to know you inside and out and your spouse reciprocating.

Communication is an important way to relieve stress and build a healthier bond between couples. If you don't feel comfortable communicating with your spouse this could be a sign that you feel a lack of trust in your spouse. A marriage can't survive where there are issues of trust.

Few marriages avoid marital problems that violate trust. If you are married, you will have marital problems. The key to working through and maintaining a healthy level of trust is communication with your spouse. Once trust has been broken, there is no way to guarantee that trust won’t be broken again.

You have a choice, leave the past in the past and allow the love you feel for your spouse to motivate you to rebuild that trust. Feeling comfortable with taking a chance comes with communicating and opening up about the broken trust and marital problems.

What are the benefits of honest communication with your spouse?

  • When you are willing to communicate and share your feelings, your spouse will be more open to the reciprocating.


  • Communication means more satisfaction in your marriage. The more open you are the closer the bond you will have with your spouse.


  • If you communicate your needs, you are more likely to have your needs met.


  • Without communication, marital problems go unsolved.


  • The bond of friendship is built through communication. Maintaining a bond of friendship with your spouse is like fertilizing a bed of flowers. Your love for each other may be the end result but the friendship is what helps the love flourish during bad times.

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