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What Happens After I File For Divorce?


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Question: What Happens After I File For Divorce?

My husband and I just filed for a divorce. I’m feeling anxious because I don’t know what happens next. I could ask my divorce lawyer but he charges so much and I’m trying to keep my lawyer fees down.

I’ve been feeling out of control for a long time because of my husband’s midlife crisis. I thought once the divorce was filed I would regain some of the control but now I find myself feeling more and more like I have no control in my life.

I need to know what is coming and hoped you could help me.



Hi Janice,

What happens next depends on whether your divorce is a contested divorce or uncontested divorce. Being familiar with Midlife Crisis I’m going to assume that you will be going through an contested divorce, one is which you will be negotiating issues such as child custody and division of marital property.

Below you will find links, in chronological order that will walk you through the divorce process step-by-step. I also suggest you study your state’s divorce laws. Knowing your legal rights during a divorce can go a far in helping you feel as if you have some control over what is to come.

Also, keep in mind that every divorce is different. Every jurisdiction will have different procedures but the links below is an outline of what to expect in most situations.

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