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Do Family Courts Make Conflict Worse?


Question: Do Family Courts Make Conflict Worse?

I read a great article over at Slate Magazine by Michael Newdow. Family courts don't solve conflict, they create it.

"To be sure, there is often (but by no means always) anger and bitterness during the breakup of a relationship. But, displeasure does not necessarily breed dispute. Why do so many people who were once extraordinarily happy together end up in such deep conflict? The answer may be that the custody laws—not the people—are to blame.

Conflict arises when people believe they are being treated unfairly. And treating people unfairly is the hallmark of the family courts, where judges actually announce that they are not concerned with fairness to parents."

This is necessary read for any parent going through a custody battle. Mr. Newdow is correct, "parenthood is a fundamental constitutional right" and there should be laws in place in every state that reflect that right.

I recently blogged about the change in wording that will soon take place in Florida Custody Laws.

A few responded and seemed to feel that changing words used in a court order will help more parents retain their constitutional right to parent their child. I disagree. If that is to happen it is laws that need to change, not just a few words here and there.

All parents should have a right to equally parent a child. For this to happen every state is going to have to adopt laws that give each parent an equal amount of time to parent. Until the norm is 50/50 custody no one's best interest will be served by the Family Court, especially not the child's.

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