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Is Divorce Court Expensive?


Question: Is Divorce Court Expensive?

How much the cost of divorce court will be depends on the issues that will have to be dealt with in court and where you live. It will cost more if you live in a larger city. Attorneys, just like living expenses are more costly in larger cities. If you and your spouse have accumulated a lot of marital assets there will be the need to hire a certified divorce financial analyst. You will be required to pay for at least half of that expense. How much your attorney’s fees will be will depend on what strategy your attorney takes. If you hire an adversarial attorney then expect to pay more.

The following are expenses you should expect to incur when you go to divorce court:
  • Your Attorney fees and possibly your spouse’s Attorney’s fees.
  • All fees associated with filing court documents.
  • Fees for any experts you may have to use.
  • Fees for depositions should the need arise.
  • Fees related to any expenses incurred during the Discovery Phase.
  • Loss of income for time taken off work.
  • Any travel expenses should you have to travel long distance.

    Those are the financial expenses of going to divorce court. You also have to consider the emotional expense of a long drawn out legal battle that you are sure to get should you go to divorce court.

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