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What is Bird's Nest Custody


Question: What is Bird's Nest Custody

Bird’s Nest Custody is a new concept used by some divorcing parents in the hope of causing as little disruption in their child’s life as possible. It is basically a form of child custody in which the child/children remain in the family residence and the parents spend their visitation time with the children in the children’s home.

Each parent sets up a new resident for themselves and shares a visitation schedule that allows the children the security of not having to adjust to unfamiliar and new homes.

If a couple agrees on Bird’s Nest Custody there will be an agreement about the length of time the children will remain in the former family home. I would imagine the time would be based on when the youngest child reaches the age of majority.

I don’t know that Bird’s Nest Custody is an option for your average divorcing couple. The expense would be enormous since three separate residents would have to be maintained. I’m sure there are pros and cons to Bird’s Nest Custody. One important pro being the ability for the child or children to remain in their home and schools. And, of course have equal time with each parent.

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