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Why do The Courts Order Supervised Visitation?


Why do The Courts Order Supervised Visitation?
Question: Why do The Courts Order Supervised Visitation?

My ex-wife has accused me of neglect and abuse and is asking the courts that I only have supervised visitation with our son. Can she do this and if she is successful what happens during supervised visitation?

It is possible the court will order supervised child visitation if your ex has evidence proving you are in some way a danger to your child. Normally this occurs when a parent has a history of being physically abusive or neglectful of the child’s needs. Alcohol and drug addiction can play a role in supervised child visitation being ordered.

If your ex is successful, visitation between you and your child will be in the presence of a third party. The job of the third party is to ensure the safety of your child during visitation. In some cases, the third party is a member of the family or friend.

Who is in charge of supervising child visitation depends on the severity of the accusations your ex makes to the courts and the evidence she is able to provide to prove those accusations.

If she can prove that you have physically abused the child, the court will appoint a professional to supervise visitation. Usually someone from social services or an independent agency that specializes in supervised visitation.

Normally social services and independent agencies become involved where there has been a history of abuse in the marriage and since. If you’ve never been found guilty of domestic abuse or abuse against your child you will more than likely end up with visits supervised by a family member of friend. One who, of course, meets the court’s standards.

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