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How to Prevent a High Conflict Divorce

Do You Know Your Legal Divorce Rights?


Most who have been through a divorce walk away realizing that the Family Court System is dysfunctional. They go into the process not knowing what to expect and unable to prevent a high conflict divorce which is the norm is most cases of divorce.

There is a movement afoot to make the divorce process less riddled with conflict. Many divorce attorneys are urging clients to participate in the Collaborative Divorce Process. Some are encouraging clients to attempt to have a more “peaceful” divorce by working together instead of fighting each other via divorce attorneys.

I admire any divorce attorney who puts his/her client’s needs before their desire to make more money. The sad truth is, most divorce attorneys are still more concerned with their own earning potential and know that encouraging a high conflict divorce process means making more money.

How to Prevent a High Conflict Divorce:

The major mistake people make when going through a divorce…they fail to protect their legal rights. They hire a divorce attorney and assume they have paid someone who will deal with the legal issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A divorce attorney is not as invested as you are in your marriage, your relationship with your children and the marital assets you have accumulated. A divorce attorney is interested in winning your case.

The problem is, when you are dismantling a marriage and a family it is about more than “winning.” Since the passing of no-fault divorce laws, divorce is and should be about fairness, an equitable time with your children and distribution of your assets.

Below are links to articles I suggest anyone about to enter the divorce process pay close attention to. You hire a divorce attorney to represent you; it is your responsibility to arm yourself with enough knowledge to make sure your attorney is doing his/her job. If you want to prevent a high conflict divorce you should:

The Divorce Process:

  • Learn Your State’s Divorce Laws

  • Learn all you Can About Divorce Attorneys

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Steps Involved in the Divorce Process
  • Dividing Marital Assets:

  • Is My Property Marital or Non-Marital Property?

  • How Is Property Divided in a Community Property State?

  • How Is Property Divided in an Equitable Distribution State?

  • How do I Identify Hidden Assets?

  • Negotiating the Best Possible Divorce Settlement Agreement
  • Child Custody and Visitation:

  • U.S. Custody Laws and Support Guidelines

  • Types of Child Custody

  • Calculating Child Support

  • The Importance of Equal/Shared Custody

  • Common Questions about Child Custody and Visitation
  • Knowledge is power! Not power to win over your spouse but the power needed to not only protect your legal rights but to also reign in your divorce attorney should he/she attempt to turn your divorce into a high conflict divorce.

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