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Divorced Mom Blogs About the Aftermath of Divorce

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By Mimi

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Dealing with finances, my ex having a girlfriend that he lives with, raising teenage boys, resentment, feeling threatened about my sons connecting with another other figure, being a step-mom myself (yup, I was wife #2) divorce recovery, thinking positive, venting and whining.

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I have an MSW, have worked with people, primarily teenagers for years and years. I have raised two step-daughters and three sons who range in age from young teen to twenty-something. I read, obsess and perseverate about divorce and its aftermath.


  • Vent and cry and remember, there are many stages of recovery. I was elated for months, then when the ex got happy, well, I wasn't so happy anymore. I have some core issues to wok out! We all do. Divorce brings them to a head.
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