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High Form of LIving

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High Form of LIving

Life Beyond Self

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The Adventures of a Single Dad, Charting the Waters of Parenting and "Life Beyond Self"

What Makes You an Expert?

What makes me an expert is the degree of commitment, love and attention I give to my children, no matter what challenges I face. I "become" an expert on a daily basis, in all aspects of life that effect my well-being and the well-being of my children, whether it be in the area of nutrition, education, faith, money, relationships, learning what children need or learning better parenting skills to help me do a better job at being a "great" dad to my girls.


  • Re-prioritize every aspect of your life, and choose only what is most important to commit your valuable time to;
  • Don't be afraid to open up and accept help and support from others;
  • Find something to believe in beyond yourself, may it be faith or a philosophy that will be your guiding principles through difficult and good times;
  • If you have children, they should be protected from any issues that belong to adults; let them have their childhood;
  • Always take the higher road;
  • Treat yourself well, and get the rest you need;
  • Know that what you learn here can only be learned here, so don't fight your growth.
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