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Parenting Bridge

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By Parenting Bridge

Parenting Bridge

Co-parent your shared child custody

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Parenting Bridge

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Parenting Bridge helps parents sharing custody of children to coordinate events and efficiently communicate need-to-know information regarding the children. We use technology to make the communication between the parents more effective, allowing the parents to stay better informed about their children while reducing the stress that can often come from co-parenting.

Features include customized parenting time schedules, shared calendaring, trade custody days, info bank, expense management, private messaging and much more. We also have an extensive collection of resources and a blog discussing co-parenting topics.

What Makes You an Expert?

We work every day with parents to help them navigate their shared custody arrangement. We also have a group of parents and family professionals that have been helping us create and refine the product and content.

Parenting Bridge’s mission is to provide the online tools to successfully manage child custody schedules, facilitate effective and centralized communication, and reduce co-parenting stress.


  • Each family is different and each has unique needs
  • Communicate the "Needs to Knows"
  • Don't put your kids in the middle
  • Recognize emotional triggers to avoid conflict
  • Be honest with your kids
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