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Reader Submissions: Share Your Post Divorce Dating Rules


To say that dating after divorce is different is an understatement. You've got the experience of a marriage under your belt and are more aware of what you are looking for in your next relationship. With time and experience we redefine our "do's and don'ts" and rethink what is and isn't acceptable in a dating relationship.

Instead of writing an article about dating rules I thought I would give my readers the opportunity to share their post divorce dating rules. So, here is your opportunity to not only share what you've learned but to help other readers who aren't as far along in the post divorce dating game as you.

My Post-Divorce Dating Rules

If you have kids, don't tell them anything until you are sure the relationship is going to stick around long term.Don't go too far physically until your emotions catch up.Don't forget about what is i…More

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