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Bad Attorney Costs Mother Everything

Share Your Story: Were You Treated Unfairly by the Family Court System?

By Lorie

Did your attorney make mistakes during your divorce?

My attorney made a lot of mistakes. First he never froze my ex's funds he took all his 401k out, over 60 thousand put vehicles in others name, 14 months of losing it all.

Were you the victim of an unethical judge?

The divorce court judge was no doubt sleeping with my ex, she let him get away with everything, I had 4 kids, no water, ready to lose my house and car and in court my attorney told the judge me and kids are without water and had been for weeks. My ex was told in the biginning to pay all the utilities and house and car, guess what everytime...I went into court and told the same story no water, my car was repossed now. I walk the kids,the house was next she still gave him more time. He never showed for court, in the 14 months he showed up twice. I was to get it all but still was homelass 5months later I had nothing not even child support.

What needs to change in the Family Court System?

They need to live in our shoes for a week. These judges only hear what they want. And my attorney needs a new job, the winner bere is whoever gets the best attorney, he had no attorney and still won, how sad is that? That should tell you how bad things were for a 21 year marriage this stinks.

Lessons Learned

  • Never get married again.
  • Stay out of divorc court.
  • Judges need to really live our life, they have no experience with alot of what they hear and need to really see it as it is.
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