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Is This Mother Guilty of Parental Alienation?

Share Your Story: Were You Treated Unfairly by the Family Court System?

By childless_mother

Did your attorney make mistakes during your divorce?

YES! My attorney thought I owed him 17000.00 because his secretary accidentally put down and calculated that it took 46 hours to serve someone instead of 46 minutes and he thought I owed him. The following day in court he sold me down the river, now I have no child. I lost all parental rights!

Were you the victim of an unethical judge?

It is outrageous what the courts can get a way with. On the day my attorney sold me down the river (the last day I was represented (30,000.00 later by the way). My attorney went in the judges chambers with the the opposing attorney and when they came out the judge said she selected a psychologist, my attorney said I could not object if the judge chooses a doctor, only if the opposing party chose one. So I went along with it thinking the judge was being fair.

As it turned out, by the end of the day after my attorney withdrew because he thought I owed him 17 grand, I found out it was the petitioners paid witness!

What needs to change in the Family Court System?

Fairness. More time to be heard. Being allowed to speak openly. Not just have to sit there and be humiliated while the other attorney tells the judge one lie after another.

No one can remember everything that is said. I have been in court for 2 and half years and the petitioner has had 18 hours to tell his side and I still have not been heard. I told the judge I need my day in court first before she made such drastic decisions. She said you can have your day in court.

But she kept dragging it out for so long and the attorneys and psychologists ate up 30 to 40 thousand dollars and then I went broke. Now I can't afford a lawyer and now the petitioner has custody and I do not even have visitation rights - all because I have not been heard or my witnesses.

The petitioner, is not my daughters dad, and was never actively involved in her life and never paid anything to support her. I raised her without any help from him, but he decided he wanted to be her dad, and made up a bunch of lies and told the court I have mental problems. He has a degree in psychology and he always said no one can prove they are not crazy because all the psychological tests are designed to find some quirk or something. So he used his knowledge of this and told the court I had mental problems and wanted me examined by a professional, with very high credentials.

Well, the first one - I was fine, but they (his lawyer and the judge) threw it out, the second one was his hired gun, the third I was court ordered to see one with higher credentials. I got a list of two names to choose from. Both were over $9000.00 for an evaluation. But I had already spent all of my money on the lawyer, so now I can't get the evaluation.

So because I didn't have the money for the evaluation, she said I was in contempt of court and could not see my daughter anymore.

Now my 13 year old daughter lives with a man who she claimed molested her three times and he is not her dad, and I can't even have her phone number. If I see her in public I have to walk the other way. She lives only a few blocks from my house and I can't even go to the grocery store because I might see her, and if I see her they will have me thrown in jail! I never did anything wrong at all. All I did was not allow her to see a man she said molested her when she was little. But they said I could not do that because he felt he had a relationship with her and I was alienating her from him!!! God help us! What is this world coming to?

Lessons Learned

  • Do not trust GAD's or psychologists who work for the courts!!!!
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