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Ex Husband Repeatedly Defies Divorce Court Order

Share Your Story: Has Your Ex Defied Your Divorce Court Order?

By rebelrose10

Did Your Ex Defy Your Divorce Court Order?

Yes, repeatedly unfortunately! The bad part about all that is that I can not afford to keep taking him back to court. He does not pay child support on time, the 50% medical for our 9 year old or his insurance premiums. Although, I did file a claim with the Office of Attorney General.

Did You Have to go Back to Court?

I do not have the time, the energy, much less the money to take him back to court.

What Was the Result of Your Return to Court?

I am waiting for the Office of Attorney General to let me know if they are going to pursue legal action against him. He owes me 2 1/2 months child support, the 50% medical expenses for our 9 year old son and for the insurance premiums that he is responsible for.

Have You Found a Solution Other Than Court?

I am currently working on a solution.

What Worked For You in Solving the Problem?

I am currently working on solving the problem hopefully by filing a claim with the Office of Attorney General. I just received notification from them that they are investingating my claim and will let me know if they are going to pursue legal action against him.


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