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Ex Spouse Refuses to Sell Marital Home

Share Your Story: Has Your Ex Defied Your Divorce Court Order?

By John

Did Your Ex Defy Your Divorce Court Order?

Yes, she ignored every aspect of our divorce order. The main problem was our house. She was supposed to sell the house and split the equity with me. She did everything but sell the house.

Did You Have to go Back to Court?

I went back to court several times. We have been divorced for 7 years and I think we've been in court at least once a years during that period.

What Was the Result of Your Return to Court?

Every time we went to court the judge would buy into her excuses. Nothing was ever done to make her follow the court order.

Have You Found a Solution Other Than Court?

Yes, I finally saved enough money to buy her out of her part of the interest in the house. She took the money and ran, left the house in a mess.

What Worked For You in Solving the Problem?

I fixed all that she was supposed to have taken care of and put the house on the market. It took less than two months to sell it. I don't know where she is now or what she is doing.

All I know is I got her out of the house and got the house sold and taking her back to court was a waste of my time and money.


  • If you can't trust them enough to stay married to them, you sure can't trust them enough to expect them to follow through on any agreement you make with them.
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