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Readers Respond: Are You and Your Spouse Legally Separated?

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Yes, we are legally seperated Insurance purposes and he wishes not to pay spousal support at this time.
—Guest Cindy Lehman

thinking what to file

Iam a filipina, married for 21 years in the philippines. My husband who is now working in U.S. wants to marry an american citizen just to have a status in U.S.. If the divorce was approved is our marriege here in the philippines also ended since we do not have a divorce law in the Philippines? and do all my rights to him as wife was ended? Is a legally separated person can get married? We do not have any differences our family is good he just want to a have a green card and soon be an american citizen, he thinks it is the best way to be with it.Will it be the way to get a green card, is our family will not be suffered during and after the process?
—Guest worrymama


i have been married for 26 years and i have over the year found someone i feel in love with my husband knows about it. the problem is i do not want to be with my husband anymore he treaten to go go after and hurt the person i want to be with, so that is whay i am staying we have been in diferent parts of the house for about 1 year, i have told him i want a devorce because right know we are separted, i do not want anything from him i said just let me go what should i do
—Guest debbie

Don't waste your breath or your time...

I thought a legal separation was the best route to go for the sake of our children, who were 9 and 11 at the time. Their father and I were separated for about 2 years prior to my leaving and him filing. We got a long during that time, but you know what...it was HELL during the divorce process. It would have been MUCH better to have just ended it at the beginning. What you don't realize during the separation is that one person might be being "nice" but actually doing it to try to blackmail you...get information out of you and your family...everyone thinks the person is just being a nice person...but you find out during the divorce phase what it really is...and who suffers the most from it all??? The kids!!! Our divorce process took 1 1/2 years and that was without us arguing over property and material things (one good thing that did get done during the separation part). Long story short...too much stress for the whole family...just file and get it over with!!


My soon to be ex wife and I filed legal separation to protect her credit from my failed business. As a married couple you are both liable for each other's debts and liabilities. We did this while we were still together and trying to work things out. Neither of us have moved to the next step of filing for divorce even though we have been separated for almost 2 years now. I have pretty much gone through the convenience of her having the kids the majority time and me having them on every one of my days off. I work a job that keeps me at work till 2am sometimes. My kids are 4 and 2.5, and not being with my kids on a daily basis is the worse pain i have ever felt in my life. I would not wish that kind of pain to anyone. Those who have experienced it know what i mean. Those that dont will never understand the hurt and pain until you yourself feel it! I have been dating someone for some time and would like to plan a new future. So ive come to the time where i must file for divorce.
—Guest Vinceman

legally seperated

I am legally seperated from my husband, I live in a different county. if he dies before we are divorced am I the next of kin? will I be notified about his death? we have pets and many of my personal items are still in his home. thank you, Martha K. Crook
—Guest Martha K. Crook

Why legally separation?

Are You and Your Spouse Legally Separated?

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