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You Probably Shouldn’t Have Divorced And Don’t Even Know It...Yet


For those who want a divorce or, feel that divorce is the only solution for their marital problems, time can be an enemy. Based on some statistics, as time goes by, you will begin to realize you probably shouldn’t have divorced your spouse. 

Should You Try Harder?
Divorce Support Spotlight10

What Is a Low Conflict Marriage?

Do you live in a low conflict marriage? Many who have low conflict marriages are turning to divorce instead of learning the relationship skills needed to make the marriage more satisfying.

Should You Stay Together For The Sake of The Children?

How it will affect your children should be your first consideration when thinking about divorce.

Sexless Marriage: Why Women Don't Speak Out

Since the beginning of time men have been whining about a lack of sex in marriage. Why then are women not free to do the same?

You Probably Shouldn’t Have Divorced And Don’t Even Know It…Yet

Will your divorce be a mistake you will later regret? According to statistics divorce may lead to years of heartache and regret.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

According to the Uniform Child Custody Act your child's "home" state has jurisdiction over any custody issues after divorce.

Child Custody: Making Shared Custody The Right Of Every Child

There is a lot of concern about what type of custody is right for parents after divorce. The children and their right to an equal relationship with each parent can become lost when negotiating child custody.

Using “The Best Interest of The Child” to Determine Custody and Visitation

The "best interest of the child," although flawed is, to date the best standard we have for deciding child custody and visitation during divorce.

Ronald Lee Haskell, Guns and Domestic Abuse: A Problem With No Solution?

Ronald Lee Haskell, a man with a history of domestic abuse manages to possess and gun and kill a family of six. How was this allowed to happen?

7 Reasons People Stay in Abusive Marriages

Seven reasons a person chooses to stay in a relationship that causes them emotional and physical pain.

Child Discipline In The Blended Family

As parents in a blended family the most important issue you will face is how your children will be disciplined.

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