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Can Married Couples Spend Too Much Time Together?


It is scientifically proven that we have more interest in our spouse if we spend time apart. Birth rates increase after war veterans return home. Primates celebrate the return of the hunter to the group after a long absence.

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Top 7 Tips To Help You Resolve Conflict With An Your Ex

Wondering how to put a stop to the conflict between you are your ex? Here are 7 tips to help you deal with an ex who is angry and resentful.

Top 7 Warning Signs Your Marriage May End in Divorce

You've grown apart and intimacy is a thing of the past. These are two of the seven signs your marriage may be headed for divorce court.

8 Keys to Emotional Harmony During Divorce

Emotional harmony through divorce will enable you to navigate the process more smoothly and move on to the next phase of your life with less baggage.

Is Divorce a Feminist Plot to Destroy Men?

Feminism gets a bad wrap when it comes to divorce. Men's rights groups are under the skewed belief that us feminist want to destroy the institution of marriage.

How to Let Go of Emotions During The Divorce Process

Divorce is a legal process that requires one to let go of any emotions related to the end of the marriage. Allowing your emotions to dictate your actions or behaviors during a divorce can lead to more conflict and expense.

How To Cope With Legal Issues During Divorce

Legal issue during the divorce process can cause immense stress. Here are five tips for dealing with that stress.

What Is a Low Conflict Marriage?

Do you live in a low conflict marriage? Many who have low conflict marriages are turning to divorce instead of learning the relationship skills needed to make the marriage more satisfying.

Should You Stay Together For The Sake of The Children?

How it will affect your children should be your first consideration when thinking about divorce.

Sexless Marriage: Why Women Don't Speak Out

Since the beginning of time men have been whining about a lack of sex in marriage. Why then are women not free to do the same?

You Probably Shouldn’t Have Divorced And Don’t Even Know It…Yet

Will your divorce be a mistake you will later regret? According to statistics divorce may lead to years of heartache and regret.

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