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Gray Divorce: Don't Let It Keep You Stuck

Gray Divorce

Change is uncomfortable, when it comes to a change that touches every aspect of your life there is no word to describe the emotional challenge one faces. 

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Divorce: Be Careful, It’s Contagious!

Monday April 21, 2014

divorce is contagious

If you have a friend who is divorced, you are 75% more likely to divorce. If you have a friend who has a friend who is divorced, you are 33% more likely to divorce. As if divorced people don't have enough to worry about we now have to concern ourselves with spreading our ugly predicament to our married friends.

A research team headed by Rose McDermott of Brown University analyzed three decades of data on marriage, divorce and remarriage collected from thousands of residents of Framingham, Massachusetts and below is what they came up with in their study.

"Approaching the epidemiology of divorce from the perspective of an epidemic may be apt in more ways than one," McDermott and her colleagues wrote in a forthcoming article in the journal Social Forces. "The contagion of divorce can spread through a social network like a rumor, affecting friends up to two degrees removed."

With a divorce rate of nearly 50% it is going to be almost impossible for married couples to protect themselves from this new social contagion.

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Will You Meet Your New Love Online?

Thursday April 17, 2014

Find Love OnlineMillions of people fire up their computers daily and surf online for love, it is something folks are doing but very few talk about. For some reason there is a bit of shame that comes along with finding love online for some.

The late Dr. Norval Glenn, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin, says, "There is a stigma associated with online dating. The stigma has lessened, but it is still there to some extent." He adds, "Internet dating serves a very important function. The traditional ways of getting people together certainly have broken down in recent decades. Most people are not beginning to search for a spouse until they are working and have lost contact with a lot of the people they knew in school or in college."

I have to ask...what better way to meet someone after a divorce than an online dating site? It is efficient, inexpensive and if done correctly it can be low risk and when single parenting, working and taking care of all that life throws your way what better way do us post-divorce singles have of meeting or finding a new relationship?

Be warned though, just like dating someone you meet at a mixer every experience you have with someone you meet online won't be a positive one. You will meet your share of players, flakes and crazies but with perseverance and resolve you can meet someone just like you...a person sincerely interested in making a long-lasting connection with a member of the opposite sex.

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Divorce Quote: Beware the Greedy Attorney

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Greedy Divorce Attorney

The only ones getting rich off divorce are divorce lawyers. Some start planning strategies for prolonging your case the moment they read your financial disclosure. If there is money to be fought over it is the lawyer who will end up with most of your marital assets. Use your head when choosing a lawyer to handle your divorce and don't allow your anger at your ex cause you to become a victim of an unscrupulous lawyer.

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Alimony: Looks Like The “Reformers” Need to Reform

Sunday April 13, 2014

Alimony Reform Lies

As pointed out by this article, those pushing for alimony reform in New Jersey aren't letting the facts get in their way while pushing for changes in the state's alimony laws. Something anyone familiar with family law already knew.

Playing fast and loose with the facts keeps contributions coming in and as we all know, money talks. And, at times facts play a small part in the outcome of legislative decisions.


Alimony Reform Fabrication:

"Permanent alimony is presumed in all cases and mandated in marriages of greater than 15 years."


New Jersey doesn't have a presumption of alimony, there is no such law on record in the state. Alimony is handled on a case-by-case situation.

Alimony Reform Fabrication:

"A modification based on changed circumstances such as loss or reduction of employment or diminished health is impossible to obtain."


Give me a break!! Just as with child support, alimony can be modified for change of circumstance. Again, no such law on the books in New Jersey or elsewhere.

However, alimony can't be modified if it is written into the final decree of divorce that it can't be modified. Why would someone sign such a limiting agreement? And if there is such an agreement then it isn't state law that is keeping that person from being able to modify. It is their foolishness for agreeing to that stipulation that is the problem.

For more fabrications and facts click through to the article.

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