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Are You Dealing With Parental Alienation?


Greg Downing asks, “Did you grow up with one parent? Do you know a child who has been restricted from a parent aunt or grandparent, without just reason?” If you answered yes to Greg’s question then you are now talking about a form of psychological abuse called PAS or Parental Alienation or you could call it Parentectomy.

Divorce Support Spotlight10

Crazy, Illogical Core Beliefs That Feed The Drama of Divorce

Core beliefs, especially if they are skewed and illogical can play a role in keeping us stuck in the drama of a high conflict divorce.

Does Your Child Need Post Divorce Therapy?

The best protection we can give our children during and after divorce is support in the form of a trained therapist. Below are signs your children may benefit from sessions with a therapist.

Divorce: When Children Are Left Holding The Bag

Two stories of children who had to suffer the consequences of their parent's irrational behavior during and after the divorce process. A must read for all parents thinking about divorce!

How to Continue Parenting During and After Divorce

It is imperative that your role as a parent to your child does not change once your divorce final. Continued, consistent parenting is what your child needs from you.

5 Ways To Maintain a Healthy Emotional Connection With Your Spouse

Maintaining a happy marriage means working on keeping a healthy emotional connect with your spouse. Here are 5 tips to help you do that.

Restraint and Walking Away: A Sure Fire Way to Avoid a Restraining Order

I received an email recently from a reader. He was highly upset because his wife had restraining orders against him. They got into an altercation and instead of walking away he fought back. According to him he is now under a restraining order due to something “she did.”

8 Things You Need to Know About a Restraining Order

If you are being abused, harassed or hurt by another person you can get a restraining order via the courts that will legally “restrain” the abusive party by setting boundaries on the behavior.

5 Things to Do When Leaving an Abusive Marriage

Five tips to help you protect yourself when preparing to leave an abusive marriage/relationship.

Should You Have Sex With The Ex?

Should you have sex with the ex? One thing for sure, if you are newly divorced and have been without sex for a while, it can be tempting.

Sex After Divorce: Always Carry Latex Condoms & Play Safe

So you’re planning to go out on a date– how exciting! Whether it’s with someone new or someone you’ve already seen a few times, your adrenaline is probably pumping; dating and sex after divorce can nerve-wracking!

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