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Author Susan McKenna

Susan McKenna found herself divorced and raising two young sons, a newborn and a two year old, after six years of marriage. Her love for children blossomed through her extensive career as a pediatric nurse at one of the largest pediatric hospital in the United States. After the divorce, Susan created series of successful classes for single parents that were held in conjunction with a unique divorce recovery program for children. She facilitated numerous support groups for single parents, which helped parent's problem solve and become better parents through divorce.

As a motivational speaker, her style is nurturing but to the point, with her adventure as a single parent inspirational to struggling parents. Her first FEELINGS ONLY I KNOW is a storybook about divorce, which finds the "right" words and a comforting way to explain divorce to young children. It also offers a healthy, positive look as to what a divorce 'should be like' when children are involved. The book offers a great example for parents to role model themselves after. It was written for parents and children of divorce and makes a great gift for well meaning friends and relatives to give as a gift, too.

Susan has a second book on divorce to be released in the spring called MORE FEELINGS ONLY I KNOW, which is meant for families that are not dealing well with divorce. It deals with problems such as fighting, scary feelings and hurting hearts. All of Ms. McKenna's books have her signature "heart pages", which have children finding hidden hearts in every picture.

In addition to her two books on divorce, Susan has also written a series of children's books featuring Mrs. Appleheart (the principal) and Miss Huffbagel (the teacher). The books include Body Balloons, which teaches kids to deal with anger, I Can't Draw Pants which deals with self esteem and Old People Scare Me, teaching children how older adults are different, but in a wonderful way. Louie's Great Big Dog House shows children about how dogs can be part of a family but why they are different from people.

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