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The Effects of Divorce on Children

Articles, Information and support for parents and children experiencing divorce.
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Angry, Voiceless, Unloved: 5 Ways My Parent's Divorce Impacted Me

A Valuable Lesson For an Adult Child of Divorce

Three Ways to Promote Positive Communication With Your Child During Divorce
Are you keeping the lines of communication open with your children? These three tips will help you do that!

How To Minimize The Prevalence of Parental Alienation
Parental alienation occurs in at least 60% of divorce cases. The family court system could play a huge role in curtailing this form of child abuse.

Understanding And Dealing With Parental Alienation
Help and understanding for parent's who have been targeted by parental alienation.

The Real Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children
The impact of a parent's domestic abuse on children is devastating. That is why you need to be willing to step in and help a child who is exposed to DV.

Parental Alienation: Joint Parental Therapy Is Essential To Solving The Problem
The only way to help a child who is the victim of parental alienation is to order both parents to participate in therapy.

Child Custody: Making Shared Custody The Right Of Every Child
Dr. Linda Gottlieb discusses a child's inalienable right to equal time with both parents after divorce.

Parental Alienation: When The “Best Interest of The Child” Fails
Author and therapist Linda Gottlieb shares her thoughts and beliefs on the adversarial nature of divorce and how it affects children.

Divorce: When Children Are Left Holding The Bag
Alan and Katy's stories shine a light on the consequences of parents who behave irrationally during and after divorce.

The Difference Between Estrangement and Parental Alienation Syndrome
Have your children been alienated or, has your bad behavior caused an estrangement?

Should You Stay Together For The Sake of The Children?
The reason for divorce will determine whether or not you should stay in the marriage for the sake of your children.

What You Need to Know About Children and Divorce
Kids and divorce don't mix! Parents who aren't able to put their kids first during divorce let their kids down. Do you know how to parent during a divorce?

Should You Stay Together For The Children?
Unless there is abuse, infidelity or addiction shouldn't parents stay marriage for the sake of their children?

The Negative Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children
Children who live with domestic abuse in the home are more likely to develop health and psychological problems as adults. They are more likely to be abused or become abusers themselves later in life.

Disciplining Your Child After Divorce
Discipline helps us teach our children values and morals. Some that is even more important if a child's family falls apart.

Children are Resilient During Divorce
Are your children more resilient than you? Are you making the mistake of believing your children don't need special care during your divorce?

Divorce Information for Parents
Divorce information, that is what we all want once the decision to divorce is made. We research divorce laws, support guidelines and spousal support. Based on statistics very few search for divorce information for parents.

Top Ten Books For Parenting Through Divorce
Parents who are facing divorce have a difficult time, but one of the major concerns is how to lead their children through the process in a healthy way so that they feel loved, nurtured, and protected.

Minimize the Long-Term Negative Affects of Marital Discord on Children
Marital discord can be frightening to everyone involved—especially to the children of divorcing parents.

How to Keep Divorce From Having Long Lasting Effects on Children
The process of divorce can have long lasting effects on children. How can you help them get through the process without any negative effect?

Myths Surrounding Children And Divorce
There are many myths about children and divorce. For example, children aren't as "resilient" as we believe and divorce can have life long negative consequences.

How to Talk to Your Child About Divorce
When parents divorce children deserve age appropriate answers to their questions. Are you prepared for the "divorce talk?"

Children and Divorce: What you Shouldn’t Do
Nine things every parent should be aware of during divorce. If you want to help your child cope with your divorce don't do these nine things!

Co-Parenting When Your Ex Is Rich and You Are Not
Tips for co-parenting when your ex is rich and you are struggling financially.

Kirstyn Marie Ensey Bio
Kirstyn Marie Ensey is an aspiring freelance writer and adult child of divorce who shares her concerns due to the consequences of her mother's two divorces.

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