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9 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself During and After Divorce


9 destress tips

Divorce and the changes that follow cause stress both physically and emotionally. It is important to develop habits that will minimize the stress of divorce. You can come through a divorce without causing undue stress on your body if you follow good self - care habits.

Below are nine tips to help you develop better self – care habits.

  • See your doctor regularly. Don’t neglect your regular check-ups. If you feel sick, see a doctor during the first part of your illness so that you may shorten the time to recover. Stress can cause physical illness, fatigue and it is imperative you don't put your physical well-being on the back burner.
  • Take vitamins. Ask your health care provider to recommend supplements that may help your body deal with the stress.
  • Get regular exercise. Choose an exercise your doctor feels is appropriate and do it regularly. Walking, cycling, or swimming are especially good because you can enjoy the outside while you exercise. Aerobic activity is a great stress relieving exercise.
  • Don’t start bad habits. Some people find themselves tempted to drink, smoke, or do recreational drugs to deal with the stress. Don’t give into temptation. You have enough to deal with without worrying about a possible addiction.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Make sure you keep your bedroom dark and the temperature cool. If your pillow needs changing, buy a new one. Take a hot bath before bed to relax. Don’t exercise late in the evenings. Don’t watch disturbing television programs. If you need help sleeping, ask your doctor about a sleep aid. Getting sufficient rest will make you stronger to deal your life changes.
  • Eat a good diet. Don’t forget to eat. People may laugh at that one. (Who could forget to eat?) But it’s easy to be stressed and forget that you’ve missed lunch, or been too busy for breakfast. Eat wholesome foods regularly. Keep healthy snacks on hand. Drink plenty of water or juice. Good nutrition means a stronger body to fight off the negative impact of stress.
  • Let off steam. If you feel anxiety or anger, find a safe way to let off steam. Cry. Scream into a pillow if you are worried about the neighbors. Buy a punching bag. Some people have bought a foam bat in the toy department and used it to beat the couch! Don’t hold anger inside or it can turn into depression.
  • Change your scenery. Move the furniture around, try a new paint color, buy new curtains. Do something to change your environment. A new life after divorce means you are free to change your surroundings, too. If you are limited on changing your interior, then at least get out and take time to view nature. Go visit the park and watch the children play. Visit an art gallery. A change of scenery can be very good for stress.
  • Practice good hygiene. See your dentist. Shower daily. Get regular haircuts. Change your clothes regularly. These may seem like common sense but many people neglect themselves during stressful periods. Neglecting hygiene may cause physical illness or depression.

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