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Divorce Attorneys, Your Ally During Divorce

Articles and Information that will help guide you in finding a Divorce Attorney. Helpful tips on communicating with your attorney, making sure your legal rights are taken care of and keeping your divorce civil.
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What Questions Will a Divorce Attorney Ask Me?
This article will help you prepare for any questions your new divorce attorney has or information they will need.

8 Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need
To make the process easier for you and your attorney get these documents together and have them ready to provide to your attorney at his/her request.

How Do I Fire My Divorce Attorney?
If you are unhappy with your divorce attorney you will need to take the proper steps when firing him/her.

Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?
Do I need a divorce attorney is a question I hear often and I always attempt to impress on people the importance of retaining a divorce attorney to protect your legal rights during the divorce process. I know however that there are circumstances that make it impossible to hire a divorce attorney.

A Comprehensive Look at Divorce Lawyers
Youve made the decision to divorce; now you have to wade through all the ads for divorce lawyers in the yellow pages and decide which one is right for you.

Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need

Is Your Divorce Attorney Helping or Hindering the Process?
Some divorce attorneys learn that the best way to protect their client is to fight for them and not in a way that promotes an end to conflict. When they look at a divorce situation all they can see is the conflict that is involved between the spouses.

Keep Divorce Attorney Fees to a Minimum
Divorce attorneys are a necessary part of divorce. Necessary doesn't mean you can't keep the expense at a minimum.

Save Money With a Flat Fee Divorce Attorney
Instead of hiring a divorce attorney who charges a retainer fee and high hourly rates, hire one who will take care of the divorce process, from beginning to end for one flat fee.

The Collaborative Attorney, An Alternative To Litigation
The Collaborative Attorney is an advisor about legal issues of course. A Collaborative Attorney and his/her client clearly understand and agree that if the case is unsuccessful in the Collaborative model that the attorney will not represent his/her client in a litigated divorce.

What is My Lawyer’s Role if I Decide on a Collaborative Divorce?
The collaborative divorce lawyer acts as a resource, an educator, and an advocate for his/her client.

Thurman W. Arnold III Bio
Thurman Arnold, III, is a Palm Springs' native. He attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 1974. In 1979 Thurman graduated with Honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He attended the Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon

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